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Organic Fertilizing

EcoMow provides organic fertilizing applications for our customers to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year long.  We can recommend several brands to suit your goals and our products are kid and pet-friendly so you can enjoy your lawn worry free.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer:

  • In addition to releasing nutrients, as organic fertilizers break down, they improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. Over time, organic fertilizing will make your soil–and plants–healthy and strong.
  • Since they are the ultimate slow-release fertilizers, it’s very difficult to over fertilize (and harm) your plants.
  • There’s little to no risk of toxic buildups of chemicals and salts that can be deadly to plants.
  • Organic fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


Lawns need food. The best way to provide your lawn with essential nutrients is through regular fertilization. Fertilize with Milorganite four (4) times per year at the recommended rates. Using Milorganite® as the primary fertilizer in your lawn care strategy is good for your lawn and the environment.

Most soils don’t have the essential nutrients for optimum growth. Even if you’re lucky enough to start with great soil, as your lawn grows it absorbs nutrients and reduces soil fertility.

EcoMow Organic Fertilizing



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