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Landscaping Services

EcoMow Zero-Emission lawn & landscape solutions offers landscaping services such as annual/perennial planting, design, and mulching.

If your landscaping is looking tired and in need of a fresh new look we provide software design, tilling services, and mulch application to restore your garden back to its intended state.

Mulching is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn care plan.  Mulching helps to promote soil nutrition by maintaining moisture retention and keeping your soil temperature balanced.

In addition to providing curb appeal, mulching also helps to prevent weed growth and helps keep soil permeable during the rainy season.


  1. We meet with our clients to discuss their goals and vision.
  2. We provide creative suggestions to help shape the vision.
  3. We photograph all areas relevant to the project.
  4. We provide computer renderings to our clients free of charge.
  5. We deliver a detailed estimate of the scope of work.
  6. We handle materials purchasing and crew scheduling.
  7. We do what it takes to get it done right the first time.
  8. We communicate with our clients.
  9. We deliver professional results guaranteed.

ecomow landscape design


With our advanced background in design, our team will help you combine nature and culture.  We have a passion for balance and harmony in all of our landscape design projects.  We design all projects using our professional landscape design software so there are no surprises with your installation.  Landscape design involves creating a plan for the layout and planting of outdoor spaces, such as gardens, parks, and residential yards.

The goal of landscape design is to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space that meets the needs and preferences of the client. The professionals at EcoMow Lawn & Landscape can help you create and install a beautiful and functional landscape for your property.

EcoMow Zero Emission Landscape Dallas

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EcoMow Dallas Landscaping Design

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Hardscape design and installation refers to the design and construction of hard landscape elements in a landscape. Hardscape elements are typically made of hard materials such as concrete, stone, and brick, and can include features such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens. The goal of hardscape design and installation is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that are built to last.

From stone sidewalk garden paths to modern concrete paver walkways, EcoMow can provide the design and professional installation you'll be sure to cherish for years to come.  At EcoMow we meet with our clients to understand their vision and map out projects using computer design software prior to breaking ground.

EcoMow Zero Emission Landscaping Dallas

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EcoMow Dallas Hardscaping

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SOD installation typically refers to the installation of sod, or grass that has been grown on a sod farm and then cut into strips for easy transportation and installation. Sod is typically installed on top of prepared soil to create a lawn or to repair an existing lawn.

EcoMow provides sod installation for your property.  Our sod installation process includes tilling, leveling and professional installation.  Contact us for scheduling and pricing.  We provide the same level of Zero-Emission sod installation as all of our equipment is electric and/or battery powered.

EcoMow Sod Installation Dallas

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EcoMow Dallas Sod Installation

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EcoMow provides professional computer software design and renderings at no cost to our clients to visualize the project. We believe this is crucial to ensure that the project is done right from start to finish.  Drag the sliders here to see some example renderings.


EcoMow Lawn & Landscape Services

At EcoMow, we pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to your landscaping needs.  We are experts at over communicating with our clients to understand your needs and guide you through the process step by step.  We believe in taking the time to understand your goals so the job is done on time, and done right. Contact us to learn more

  Total Landscape Overhauls
  Stone & Hardscape
  Irrigation Install & Maintenance
  Landscape Lighting Installation
  Computer Software Landscape Design
 Weed barrier installation
  Annual & Perennial Planting
  Tree trimming & removal
  Mulching & Top soil installation
  Sod Installation & Seeding
  Fence Staining & Re-Staining

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