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25 Oct 2022
eco friendly lawn care near me

The Best Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Company in Your Area

If you’re looking for a lawn care company that is eco-friendly, contact our team in Dallas, TX. We offer a range of services, including organic weed control, fertilization, and lawn mowing. Our service is 50% quieter than the gas powered companies you see out there today.

Lawn care is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. It is important to maintain a healthy lawn so that it can provide you with many benefits. A healthy lawn is both appealing for your guests and makes your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable.

The first step in maintaining your lawn is to determine what type of grass you have. This will help you determine the best lawn care practices to use on your lawn. Common grasses in Texas are St. Augustine, Emerald Zoysia, and Bermuda.  The second step would be to identify any areas where weeds are growing and remove them from the area. The third step would be to fertilize your lawn and water it regularly, especially during dry periods such as summertime.

Eco Mow Lawn Care offers eco-friendly lawn care near me. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve the greenest, healthiest lawn possible.  Experience the difference of a quieter solution to your lawn care needs today.  Learn how our partnership with AGZA is making a difference in commercial and residential lawn maintenance

25 Oct 2022
new lawn watering

Is It Possible for Too Much Rain to Kill New Sod?

How do you know when to water your lawn? Learn about the best time to water your lawn and why you should never let it go dry!

The best time to water your grass depends on the type of grass you have. Some types of grass need less water than others.

Watering Tips for Grass Lawns.

If you live in an area with hot summers, you might not need to water your lawn as often as you would in cooler climates. In fact, some experts recommend watering your lawn only once every two weeks during the summer months.

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However, even though you won’t need to water your lawn more frequently, you still need to make sure it gets enough water.  It’s important that you keep a well fertilized lawn to maintain year round root strength.  We recommend Milorganite Organic Fertilizer for year round use.

When Should You Water Flower Beds?

There are several reasons why you should water your flower beds at least once per week. First, it helps keep weeds down and keeps your flowers healthy. Second, it prevents soil erosion and makes your yard look nicer.

Third, it helps prevent diseases and pests from spreading. Finally, it helps reduce the chance of drought.

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Why Do Some Plants Need More Water Than Others?

If you live in an area with hot summers, you might notice that some plants need more water than others. This is because different plants require different amounts of water to thrive.

In general, plants that are grown indoors need less water than those that are grown outdoors.

However, there are exceptions. For instance, indoor plants tend to use up more water than outdoor ones because they are exposed to sunlight and heat.

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The Best Time to Water Your Lawn.

You should water your lawn every day during the summer months. That means watering at least once per week.

If you wait until the soil dries out completely before you water, you run the risk of killing new sod.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

In general, you should water your lawn every other day during the summer months (June through September). This will help keep your grass healthy and prevent any weeds from growing. 

Here are some tips from Milorganite to conserve water.

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Do Your Homework.

The Following book is a very helpful to assist you with your Organic Lawn Care Journey. 

25 Oct 2022
flooded lawn tips

Lawn Care After Heavy Rain – How To Maintain Your Grass After A Flood

Don’t let a flooded lawn ruin your outdoor space. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your lawn green and beautiful even after a flood.

After a heavy downpour, your grass will need extra attention to ensure that it doesn’t become too soggy. Here are some tips for keeping your lawn looking great after a storm.

Clean up debris from the yard.

If there’s any standing water left in your yard after a rainstorm, clean it up immediately. This will help prevent mold growth and other issues. Remove leaves and sticks from the ground as well.

Remove any standing water.

Waterlogged soil can cause damage to plants and grass. It also makes it difficult to remove weeds. You should remove any standing water from your yard as soon as possible.

Apply fertilizer to help promote new growth.

Fertilizer helps your grass grow faster and stronger. If you apply fertilizer before the ground has dried out completely, you will encourage root growth instead of leaf growth. This means that your grass won’t grow as thickly, so you need to reapply more frequently.

Water thoroughly.

It’s important to water your lawn thoroughly after a heavy rain. You should wait until the soil is dry enough to walk across without getting wet feet. Then, use a hose with a nozzle attachment to spray the entire area. Spray the leaves first, then move down to the roots.

Wait until grass has dried before mowing.

If you’re going to mow your lawn right away, make sure you wait until the grass has dried out completely. This will help prevent damage to the blades of your mower.

22 Oct 2022

Battery Mowers – Quality Garden Tools for a Greener Lifestyle

Battery Mowers are a new and revolutionary way of mowing your lawn.

It is the future of lawn care, as it will be more efficient and less expensive than traditional gas-powered mowers.

With electric motors, you can recharge them by plugging them into an outlet, so they are not constantly running on gasoline. They are also lighter in weight and quieter than their gas counterparts, which means that they are easier on your arms and ears!

eco friendly lawn care near me

Electric lawn mowers are a great way to take care of your lawn without the use of gasoline or oil.

They’re also a great alternative for individuals who have allergies and can’t use gas-powered lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mowers are powered by electricity and can be plugged into any outlet in your home.

When you need to cut the grass, simply plug it in and push it over the ground with ease.

electric battery mowers

We offer electric mowing and mulching services that will give you a beautifully manicured lawn without the hassle of gas, noisy engines, or smelly exhaust. Battery-powered mowers are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.  To learn more about Ego Powertools and their long line of battery powered equipment click here.

They provide eco-friendly power and are easy on your budget. To learn more about the equipment EcoMow use click here.