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EcoMow is passionate about preserving our environment for tomorrow. Modern battery powered lawn equipment is just as powerful as gas but requires a substantial upfront investment. We'd like to highlight some key advantages to battery power over gas lawn equipment.


Electric lawn equipment is preferable to gas powered because they generate no tailpipe emissions. They are powered by Sealed high-capacity lithium battery packs. Compared with gas engines, which emit carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons, electrics offer a lot of public-health benefits. FACT: According to an EPA study, one 3hp lawn mower emits the same air pollution as 11 cars driving at 55 mph. Each additional HP is calculated with a linear use equation. Each 1 HP from a lawn mower = 3.67 CARS AT 55 MPH EMISSIONS.


Electric lawn equipment is significantly quieter than gasoline powered equipment. Noise pollution is a growing problem across the United States. Gas-powered lawn mowers range from 82 to 90 decibels. Gas-powered leaf blowers make 80 to 92 decibels of racket. Weed whackers make 96 decibels of noise. Hedge trimmers can blast away at 103 decibels. Likely 1 to 3 times a day you hear gas powered lawn equipment near your residence. Now imagine the noise reduced by up to 75%. Much more peaceful isn't it?

We've all experienced the smell gas powered equipment emits into our homes if we accidentally leave a window or door open. Battery powered lawn equipment has zero smoke and zero smell so you can enjoy leaving your windows open while our EcoMow crew works in your lawn.

% Quieter than gas
% Cleaner than gas
% As powerful as gas
% Environmental Pollution