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20 Aug 2021
EcoMow Christmas Light Installation Dallas

New Service: Holiday Light Installation

We’ve been hard at work here at EcoMow gearing up for the season obtaining our holiday light installation certifications.  We provide the highest efficiency commercial grade LED lights in the business.  As expected from EcoMow, we’ve done our homework and use materials that are guaranteed to handle the Texas winters.

High Efficiency Commercial Grade LED lights

 We provide the lights! – Or you provide your own.

 100% Insured for peace of mind

 Weatherproof Timers

 All Materials Included (Clips, Extension Cords, Fasteners)

 48hr Repair Response Time

 Complimentary take-down service provided

 Prices range from $1.75 – $4.00 per linear foot

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31 May 2021
Organic Mosquito Fogging Dallas

EcoMow Now Offers All-Natural Mosquito Fogging

EcoMow now offers All-Natural Mosquito Control Fogging for our customers with the same Zero Emission equipment you’d expect from EcoMow.  We provide commercial grade service with Petra brand electric cold foggers while staying within your budget.  Our treatments are 100% organic so you can rest assured your kids and pets will be safe in your yard.

Sure, all the well known companies claim they’re using all-natural mosquito control ingredients like garlic, lemon grass, and peppermint.  In fact they are.. But what they don’t tell you is they’re often adding Pyrethrins, a legal but restricted-use insecticide, which collapses the nervous system of most insects. 

Pyrethrin is highly toxic to beneficial insects. There’s a reason exclusive mosquito fogging companies dodge the question when asked specifically what’s in their product. 

Because they don’t want you to know.  In fact, registered bee-keepers have to be notified by these companies when they’re fogging a home that’s within 500 feet of your house.  Why is that?  Ask the service tech what’s in their product next time they visit your home. 

 Prices start at $50 per visit for complete perimeter coverage.

 100% All-Natural Pesticide from Mosquito Magician.

 Treatments last up to 2 weeks.

 Discounts available for recurring service.

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08 Jul 2020

EcoMow takes delivery of our first solar panel equipped custom wrapped van

EcoMow is proud to announce that after rigorous hours of planning we have taken delivery of our first state of the art solar panel equipped custom wrapped van.  Our growing fleet of vans provides comfort for our technicians and eco-friendly transportation for our customers.  Our first van is equipped with a 300W Solar panels, Digital Charge Controller, AGM 12V Batteries and 3000W AC/DC Power inverters to keep our batteries in top shape and going all day long.

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