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22 Oct 2022
Fertilizing Aeration Dallas

Lawn Care Dallas TX, Lawn Care Dallas Texas

We specialize in lawn mowing, fertilizing, aeration, weed control, and more.

EcoMow Lawn Care is a family owned business that has been serving the Dallas area since 2018. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service at an affordable price.

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Lawn Mowing Dallas, TX

EcoMow Dallas provides lawn care and landscape installation throughout the greater Dallas area. We offer a wide variety of services including lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, weed removal, and much more.


If you need help with your lawn, contact us today! Our team will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you might have.

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Aerating your lawn helps improve its appearance by removing compacted soil and improving drainage. It also improves the quality of your grass, making it healthier and easier to maintain.

Contact Us today with questions about electric lawn service or to get started.

14 Oct 2022
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Eco Friendly Lawn Care Tips Year Round

Learn about eco lawn care tips for the new year from our experts!

Eco lawn care is an important part of keeping our planet green. It helps reduce pollution, conserve water, and save energy.

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Start with a Healthy Soil.
A healthy soil will help keep your grass looking beautiful throughout the year. To ensure a healthy soil, start by adding organic matter such as composted manure or mulch.

This will improve the soil structure and make it easier for plants to absorb nutrients.

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Water Wisely.
If you live in an area with extreme weather, you might need to water more frequently than usual. In addition, you should use drip irrigation when possible.

Drip irrigation uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems because it delivers water directly to the roots of plants. It also helps prevent evaporation and runoff.

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Don’t Overfeed Grass.
You shouldn’t feed grass too much fertilizer. This will cause the grass to grow faster and become dense. Instead, apply only what’s needed to keep the grass healthy.

Mulch to Reduce Weeds.
If you use mulch, you won’t need to water as often. It also helps prevent weeds by preventing soil erosion.

Contact us if you have questions regarding Eco-Friendly Lawn Services.

07 Oct 2022

Go Green With Electric Lawn Services

Go Green Lawn Services

Lawn care is an important part of any home or business. Whether you need a simple trimming service or a full landscaping project, we can provide the best quality at affordable prices. 

Our mission is to provide the same service you’d expect from gas powered companies with a twist of zero-emission electric lawn services.

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We provide free estimates.

If you’re looking for a reliable electric lawn services company, contact us today! We’ll give you a free estimate and answer any questions you might have.

We use environmentally friendly products.

We use environmentally friendly equipment and products when we work on your property. This includes using eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides, as well as using mulch instead of traditional yard waste disposal methods.

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We are an AGZA American Green Zone Alliance certified company.

We also recycle everything possible, including plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, metal cans, and more. You can even request recycling at your home or business.

Visit the AGZA website to learn more about the leader in low-impact low-noise landscape solutions.

EcoMow AGZA Battery Powered Lawn Care Dallas

We offer discounts for multiple service appointments.

We understand how busy people are these days. That’s why we offer discounts for multiple service visits. If you need help with your lawn care needs, schedule an appointment today!

We are a zero-emission company.

We use electric vehicles to transport our equipment and staff to each job site. This means no emissions, no noise pollution, and no gas costs. Learn more about Green Companies in Dallas by visiting GreenSource DFW

30 Sep 2022
Electric Lawn Care Dallas

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? – A Complete Guide

When it comes to mowing the lawn, there are many things to consider. From grass type to height, we’re here to help you decide on the best way to keep your yard looking its best.

Mowing the lawn can be an enjoyable task for most people, but it also requires a lot of energy. It’s important to take into account the amount of time you spend on this chore, as well as the weather and other factors that affect your lawn.

Grass Type Matters.
There are several different kinds of grasses available for homeowners to choose from. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most common varieties:
1) Bermuda grass: This is one of the most popular choices for homeowners because it grows quickly and is easy to maintain. However, it does not tolerate drought very well.
2) Kentucky bluegrass: This variety is more tolerant of drought than Bermuda grass, but it takes longer to grow.
3) Zoysia grass: This is another popular choice among homeowners who prefer a low maintenance lawn. It tolerates drought better than Bermuda grass, but is slower growing.

Height Matters.
If you live in an area with hot summers, you’ll need to make sure your lawn is able to withstand heat. Most grasses will die when temperatures reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). To avoid this problem, you should plant grass that can handle high temperatures.

Watering Matters.
There are two main ways to water your lawn: by hand and using a sprinkler system. Hand watering requires you to use a hose to wet down the entire lawn. Sprinklers work by spraying water onto the ground at regular intervals. Both methods require you to pay attention to how much water your lawn needs.

Fertilizer Matters.
If you’re going to use either method, you’ll need to make sure you apply fertilizer first. This will ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. Then, when you water, you should do so with a fine spray. This helps prevent runoff into storm drains and waterways.

Weed Control Matters.
Weeds are one of the biggest threats to lawns, especially during the summer months. They take up space, compete with other plants for sunlight, and can even cause soil erosion. To combat weeds, you can use herbicides, mulch, or manual labor.