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Where in the world of Social Media is EcoMow?

At EcoMow, we're always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and stay engaged in the world of social media. After all, we've been on the cutting edge of lawn and landscape technology.  It only makes sense we keep our online presence at the forefront of the social channels.  Whether it's sharing a new team member photo, a finished project, a new shiny piece of equipment, or a fun pic with a client. We're proud of how far...

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mowing services near me

The Top 4 Things to Look For When Choosing Mowing Services Near Me

We have compiled a list of things to look for when choosing mowing services near me. Read on to discover what they are.  Mowing services are an important part of lawn care. They're responsible for cutting grass, trimming hedges, and removing weeds.  Mowing Service Experience You need to make sure that the company has enough experience to do the job right. This means that they should have been doing this type of work for at least five years. If they...

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eco friendly lawn care near me

The Best Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Company in Your Area

If you're looking for a lawn care company that is eco-friendly, contact our team in Dallas, TX. We offer a range of services, including organic weed control, fertilization, and lawn mowing. Our service is 50% quieter than the gas powered companies you see out there today. Lawn care is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. It is important to maintain a healthy lawn so that it can provide you with many benefits. A healthy lawn is...

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new lawn watering

Is It Possible for Too Much Rain to Kill New Sod?

How do you know when to water your lawn? Learn about the best time to water your lawn and why you should never let it go dry! The best time to water your grass depends on the type of grass you have. Some types of grass need less water than others. Watering Tips for Grass Lawns. If you live in an area with hot summers, you might not need to water your lawn as often as you would in cooler...

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flooded lawn tips

Lawn Care After Heavy Rain – How To Maintain Your Grass After A Flood

Don't let a flooded lawn ruin your outdoor space. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your lawn green and beautiful even after a flood. After a heavy downpour, your grass will need extra attention to ensure that it doesn't become too soggy. Here are some tips for keeping your lawn looking great after a storm. Clean up debris from the yard. If there's any standing water left in your yard after a rainstorm, clean it up immediately. This...

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